Technical Consulting

A wind turbine is a complex system based on a lot of different engineering fields. 

Wind turbines behavior appears sometimes like a miracle.

Take the chance to let have our experts a look from outside to it.

It doesn't matter whether it is from designer or operators persceptive.

Shorten the process with the experience of our excellent experts.

  • Assistance in Type Certification
  • Design review
  • Functional Safety
  • Supplier technical assessment
  • Manufacturing evaluation (IPE)
  • Technical due diligence
  • Damage investigation
  • Periodic monitoring
  • Laser based pitch angle measurement (Romeg-M)
  • Blade pitch alignment

The objective of VVCON is to make your wind business a success story.


About me

The oil crisis in the 70’s shook up the people that prosperity based on oil is just borrowed. Foresighted heads realized that only renewable energy is a long term solution. In the North of Germany and in Denmark wind determines daily life of nearly everybody.

Why not to use the wind power?  Inspired by the Tvind project in Denmark a group in Germany started in the early 80’s resulting in a 22 kW wind turbine on the farm Springe and an engineering company called aerodynFor economic reasons I worked in conventional industry before the “virus” got me back to wind energy.

Ventis in Brunswick looked for an engineer putting an aerodyn designed 100 kW wind turbine into production and operation.

An engaged team of five people was looking for new challenges. Together with two passive shareholders the company DeWind in Lübeck was founded. Responsible for the concept and design of my "baby" D4 with DanControl turbine controller and introducing the double-fed induction generator SEG Concycle® for speed variable operation have been my main tasks beside many others.
DeWind took his place under the first ten manufacturers in the world.
The most vital change in my career was moving from engineering to quality management. Looking from a different point of view to things gives complete new perspectives.
After DeWind has been taken over by a British company I was responsible for Installation with a team of 25 people. The British company never got comfortable with the strong wind and stopped their engagement after just three years.

With the certification body DEWI-OCC I got the opportunity to put my experience together with a young team of engaged engineers into a success story. 

Today I am servicing in technical consulting and expertises under my own business VVCON.

Take the chance to participate in excellent experience to make your wind business a success story!

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